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The live JUST price today is $0.043857 USD with a 24-hour trading volume of $110,814,240 USD. We update our JST to USD price in real-time. JUST is down 11.35 percent in the previous 24 hours. The current CoinMarketCap ranking is #144, with a live market cap of $320,176,073 USD. It has a circulating circulation of 7,300,425,000 JST coins and a max. supply of 9,900,000,000 JST coins.

If you would want to know where to acquire JUST, the best cryptocurrency exchanges for trading in JUST stock are now Binance, OKX, FTX, Bybit, and DigiFinex. You can discover others listed on our crypto exchanges page.

JST Price Live Data

What Is JUST (JST)
The TRON blockchain is the platform on which the JUST decentralised finance (DeFi) ecosystem has been developed. JustStable, a decentralised stablecoin lending platform, serves as the backbone of the complete range of goods.

JST, the platform’s native governance token, has been in circulation since May 2020 following an initial exchange offering (IEO) on Poloniex LaunchBase platform earlier this year.

The USDJ and JUST (JST) coins form the basis of the ecosystem. It is a multi-collateral stablecoin (USDJ) that is pegged to the US dollar (USD), while JST has various functions on the platform, such as paying interest, helping to maintain the platform, and participating in its governance. JST helps to set parameters like interest rates (stability fees) and the minimum collateralization ratio.

JUST accepts collateral in the form of supported collateral tokens, such as TRON (TRX), which is converted to a collateralized debt position (CDP) and locked as collateral (CDP). Users can then mint and withdraw USDJ based on the amount of collateral deposited, which must be reimbursed in order to regain the initial collateral.

Designed to be accessible to all TRON users, the platform aims to create a fair and borderless distribution hub for DeFi items.

JUST Was Started By Whom?
People from firms like Alibaba and Tencent as well as “other world-class internet enterprises” are part of the JUST Foundation’s management team, which also includes members of IBM and “many global investment banks,” according to the project’s website.

Most notable are Terance F (a blockchain expert and ex-Barclays and IBM employee), Elvis Zhang (a senior developer, experienced blockchain researcher, and wallet and exchange specialist), C Wu (a specialist in wallet and exchanges), as well as GL Kong (a blockchain expert) (an experienced blockchain engineer and early crypto adopter).

Many members of the JUST team have chosen to keep their identities private. TRON’s CEO and founder, Justin Sun, introduced the platform, and it has received both technical and financial assistance from TRON. This suggests that there may be some overlap in the development team of the platform.

What Is JUST’s Distinctiveness?
Like most DeFi platforms, JUST isn’t focused on delivering just one product that serves a small portion of the DeFi community. Instead, it’s seeking to build a complete DeFi ecosystem around TRON by developing a wide range of DeFi-related products.

There are five unique JUST products, all of which are designed to interoperate and give additional usefulness for users, as of January 2021,

Among them:

Decentralized, multi-collateral stablecoin platform JustStable by JUST.
JustLend is a money market protocol powered by TRON that enables users to add liquidity to lending pools and take out low-interest cryptocurrency loans. JustLend.
Trustless TRC-20 token swaps and permissionless liquidity pools are made possible with JustSwap, an AMM platform that automates the process of trading.
First TRON decentralised oracle system for supplying smart contracts with real-world data securely. JustLink.
In the JUST ecosystem, cross-chain tokens are assets from other blockchains, like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, which have been tokenized on TRON and are hence usable.
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JUST (JST) Coins: How Many Are In Use?
A maximum quantity of 9.9 billion JST is in circulation as of January 2021, with 2.26 billion JST in circulation. Of the total amount that can be produced, this is only 23%.

Depositing, lending, and providing liquidity on the JUST Network, as well as participating in special campaigns, are some of the ways to earn JUST Tokens.

JST tokens are distributed as follows in the original Poloniex IEO:

Public Seed Sale (Allocation to LaunchBase): 11%
Developing Long-Term Relationships: 26%
Only TRX holders will receive a 10 percent airdrop.
30% of the total is allocated to the ecosystem.
The specifications of the vesting term for the JUST team and the inflation rate of the JST tokens are still unknown. All team tokens will, however, be fully vested by April 2022, as is well known.

What is the JUST Network’s Security Policy??
The TRON blockchain protects the JUST Network because it is a TRC-20 coin.

In contrast to other platforms, TRON uses a delegated-proof-of-stake (dPOS) consensus process to ensure the integrity of the blockchain and fend off any attacks.

TRON (TRX) token holders elect “super representatives” who are entrusted with creating blocks and encapsulating transactions in TRON’s blockchain. The security of the network is the collective responsibility of the 27 super representatives.

JUST (JST): Where Can I Get It?
In addition to Binance, Poloniex, OKEx, and Bithumb, the JUST (JST) coin is highly liquid and can be traded on some of the most reputable exchange platforms in the world. The most popular JST trading pairings as of January 2021 include JST/USDT, JST/KRW, and JST/BTC.

To buy JST using fiat money, a few cryptocurrency exchanges also offer this service. If you want to learn more about how to buy cryptocurrencies with a credit or debit card, check out our easy guide.

JUST Markets



#SourcePairsPrice+2% Depth-2% DepthVolumeVolume %ConfidenceLiquidityUpdated
1Huobi GlobalJST/USDT$0.04392$270,282.32$333,442.41$12,108,32510.93%High521Recently
10Huobi GlobalJST/BTC$0.04394$28,424.17$35,354.46$110,6870.10%High376Recently
12Huobi GlobalJST/ETH$0.0439$23,285.05$27,557.63$82,2950.07%High381Recently
20ProBit GlobalJST/BTC$0.04384$560.84$2,859.36$27,0770.02%High39Recently
21ProBit GlobalJST/USDT$0.04372$333.66$3,742.08$20,2360.02%High21Recently
25Mandala ExchangeJST/USDT$0.04395$1,162.49$1,519.79$12,092,01510.91%Moderate358Recently
27Mandala ExchangeJST/BUSD$0.04395$36,531.37$47,481.85$982,4740.89%Moderate5Recently
47VCC ExchangeJST/BTC$0.04279$6,4270.01%N/ARecently
50Hotcoin GlobalJST/ETH$0.04403$250.05$513.26** $688,0310.00%Low1Recently
51CoinWJST/USDT$0.04391$210,107.12$87,271.98** $381,6190.00%Moderate213Recently
52Hotcoin GlobalJST/USDT$0.04393$2,310.53$2,337.59** $269,0330.00%Low15Recently
53ZipmexJST/USDT$0.04372$9,260.00$3,884.95** $945.370.00%High304Recently
54TronTradeJST/TRX$0.04574** $302.320.00%N/ARecently
55BingXJST/USDT$0.04392** $3,596,9770.00%N/ARecently
56JubiJST/USDT$0.04392$25,912.43$34,871.21** $2,978,9570.00%Moderate166Recently
57BitClover (Hotbit Korea)JST/USDT$0.04394** $400,1640.00%N/ARecently
58BitClover (Hotbit Korea)JST/KRW$0.06733** $0.000.00%N/ARecently
59VCC ExchangeJST/USDT$0.05694*** $9,879,1570.00%N/ARecently
60PoloniDEXJST/TRX$0.06018*** $0.000.00%High1Recently
61PoloniDEXJST/USDJ$0.1198*** $0.000.00%N/ARecently


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