Dogelon Mars Token Prediction and Overview

ELON Price Live Data

Dogelon Mars is now trading at $0.000001 USD, with a 24-hour trading volume of $14,689,869 USD. Our ELON to USD pricing is updated in real-time. In the last 24 hours, Dogelon Mars has gained 0.59 percent. With a live market cap of $666,111,386 USD, Bitcoin is now ranked #110 on CoinMarketCap. There are 555,271,318,810,241 ELON coins in circulation, with a maximum supply of 1,000,000,000,000,000 ELON coins.

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Dogelon Mars Token Prediction
Dogelon Mars Token Prediction

What Is Dogelon Mars (ELON) and What Does It Mean?

On Ethereum and Polygon, Dogelon Mars is a dog-themed joke coin. It follows in the footsteps of popular dog coins such as Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, and Floki Inu.

Dogelon Mars is a meme coin that riffs on various popular ideas. Its name is a combination of Dogecoin and Elon Musk, a millionaire entrepreneur and vocal promoter of Dogecoin. It makes a reference to Mars, a play on the popular moon meme, and implies that Dogelon will suffer a great upward rise. Beyond its amusing moniker, Dogelon Mars has amassed a sizable following, with over 300,000 Twitter followers and more than 84,000 Telegram followers.

Who Are the Dogelon Mars Founders?

The founders of this particular dog coin, like those of its more well-known and established brethren, are unknown. That is a rather regular event for meme coins, and investors are well-advised to conduct due diligence on unknown coins to avoid becoming victims of unscrupulous actions such as rug-pulls and exit scams. Having said that, ELON has been on the market for several months, so the chances of it being a hoax are slim.

How Secure Is the Dogelon Mars Network?

On Polygon and Ethereum, ELON is an ERC-20 token, which is one of the most popular blockchains and the go-to solution for many decentralised apps. Ethereum is one of the safest blockchains in the crypto market because of its proof-of-work consensus process, which compels miners to mine fresh Ether. The Ethereum blockchain is secured and validated via a network of decentralised nodes.

Polygon is an Ethereum layer-two scaling solution that enables for higher transaction throughput while avoiding gas wars.

What Sets Dogelon Mars Apart?

Dogelon As a basis for its currency, Mars uses a funny comedy storey about Dogelon, the dog who gave the coin its name. “With the support of the allies he’s made during his adventures through the cosmos,” Dogelon “explores the greatest secrets of the galaxy and strives to recolonize the planet he once called home.” Dogelon’s journeys to Mars, where he meets friends and embarks on adventures, are chronicled in a series of short comics available on the coin’s website.

Dogelon Mars does not have a roadmap in the traditional sense, but has created a fantastical version through its comic books. Dogelon will have to struggle for existence against the annihilators after Mars is re-colonized in 2420. This fantasy version predicts that once ELON is listed on all major markets, its price will reach “Mars,” or a considerably higher value. However, “annihilators,” which could refer to the volatility of the crypto markets, will be a challenge the community will have to deal with.

In practise, ELON is little more than a joke coin that can be bought and stored in a wallet like Metamask. However, because its name has a potent mix of numerous very “memeable” features (Elon Musk, Doge, Moon/Mars), Dogelon Mars could appreciate quickly if the entire cryptocurrency market rises and risk appetite for meme coins rises.

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What is the current circulation of Dogelon Mars (ELON) coins?

ELON has a total supply of one quadrillion coins. In order to effectively burn the tokens and remove them from circulation, 50% of all ELON tokens were sent to Vitalik Buterin, the inventor of Ethereum. This is similar to Shiba Inu’s strategy, however it initially caused a price drop in Shiba Inu tokens due to Vitalik’s decision to donate the tokens to charity. With a current circulation quantity of 553 billion ELON, the remaining supply of ELON is permanently trapped in the liquidity pool.

Is ELON on the verge of hitting $0.01?

ELON may appreciate as a result of its artificially large supply, but it is unlikely to reach $0.01. The crypto space, on the other hand, is unpredictably volatile.

Dogelon Mars (ELON) is available for purchase.

KuCoin, UniSwap (V2), OKEx, Poloniex,, and Exchange all accept ELON.

Historical Data for Dogelon Mars       

DateOpen*HighLowClose**VolumeMarket Cap
Jan 19, 2022$0.000001231$0.000001242$0.000001174$0.000001174$14,874,245$651,943,958
Jan 18, 2022$0.00000126$0.000001277$0.000001201$0.000001231$25,027,021$683,882,179
Jan 17, 2022$0.000001274$0.000001306$0.000001241$0.00000126$30,634,953$700,047,747
Jan 16, 2022$0.0000013$0.0000013$0.000001266$0.000001274$17,018,101$707,550,934
Jan 15, 2022$0.000001305$0.000001323$0.000001291$0.0000013$14,955,702$721,911,932
Jan 14, 2022$0.000001264$0.000001333$0.000001253$0.000001305$23,777,745$725,097,597
Jan 13, 2022$0.000001383$0.000001393$0.000001236$0.000001265$23,349,410$702,553,583
Jan 12, 2022$0.000001235$0.0000014$0.000001214$0.000001383$21,319,840$768,622,941
Jan 11, 2022$0.000001191$0.000001257$0.000001175$0.000001235$21,329,553$685,723,468
Jan 10, 2022$0.000001285$0.000001296$0.000001146$0.000001191$23,469,789$661,475,865
Jan 09, 2022$0.000001253$0.000001332$0.000001217$0.000001285$24,905,360$714,191,855
Jan 08, 2022$0.000001328$0.000001352$0.000001205$0.000001253$19,331,349$696,256,423
Jan 07, 2022$0.000001402$0.000001405$0.000001281$0.000001328$25,059,210$738,175,032
Jan 06, 2022$0.000001411$0.000001426$0.000001296$0.000001403$30,423,598$779,547,917
Jan 05, 2022$0.000001522$0.000001541$0.000001333$0.00000141$23,696,798$783,343,340
Jan 04, 2022$0.000001565$0.000001593$0.000001515$0.000001522$18,802,843$845,699,378
Jan 03, 2022$0.000001627$0.00000165$0.000001517$0.000001565$28,411,316$869,739,043
Jan 02, 2022$0.000001686$0.000001699$0.000001623$0.000001626$30,607,414$904,429,479
Jan 01, 2022$0.000001566$0.00000169$0.000001566$0.000001686$26,369,227$937,717,101
Dec 31, 2021$0.000001433$0.000001597$0.000001431$0.000001566$30,537,886$870,365,847
Dec 30, 2021$0.0000014$0.000001478$0.000001375$0.000001432$28,595,018$795,588,767
Dec 29, 2021$0.000001487$0.000001588$0.000001389$0.000001399$32,651,758$777,591,661
Dec 28, 2021$0.000001721$0.000001721$0.000001433$0.000001489$38,259,787$826,828,670
Dec 27, 2021$0.000001592$0.000001808$0.000001579$0.000001721$32,750,522$956,895,127
Dec 26, 2021$0.000001665$0.000001666$0.000001539$0.000001593$26,435,965$884,709,223
Dec 25, 2021$0.000001633$0.000001667$0.000001512$0.000001667$47,308,280$926,175,385
Dec 24, 2021$0.000001668$0.000001868$0.000001624$0.000001634$80,898,900$908,017,001
Dec 23, 2021$0.000001287$0.000001727$0.000001259$0.000001669$82,180,725$927,080,769
Dec 22, 2021$0.000001165$0.000001355$0.000001151$0.000001287$44,820,086$712,453,182
Dec 21, 2021$0.000001036$0.000001177$0.000001032$0.000001166$18,388,271$645,320,631
Dec 20, 2021$0.000001052$0.000001065$0.0000009744$0.000001037$16,360,511$573,359,739
Dec 19, 2021$0.00000107$0.000001089$0.000001045$0.000001052$13,055,159$581,902,944
Dec 18, 2021$0.000001098$0.00000111$0.000001053$0.00000107$18,904,752$591,620,053
Dec 17, 2021$0.000001141$0.000001154$0.000001084$0.000001098$17,072,335$607,646,317
Dec 16, 2021$0.000001178$0.000001198$0.000001141$0.000001142$17,519,125$631,669,432
Dec 15, 2021$0.000001183$0.0000012$0.000001109$0.000001178$16,963,272$651,838,227
Dec 14, 2021$0.000001111$0.00000119$0.000001094$0.00000116$20,403,973$641,778,912
Dec 13, 2021$0.000001212$0.000001218$0.000001071$0.000001111$20,537,664$614,530,532
Dec 12, 2021$0.000001146$0.000001237$0.000001146$0.000001211$20,556,135$669,775,046
Dec 11, 2021$0.000001117$0.000001154$0.00000111$0.000001146$14,264,180$634,094,143
Dec 10, 2021$0.000001145$0.0000012$0.000001117$0.000001117$20,509,574$617,942,595
Dec 09, 2021$0.000001201$0.000001245$0.00000112$0.000001144$22,891,511$633,112,258
Dec 08, 2021$0.000001252$0.000001257$0.000001173$0.000001202$27,496,834$664,637,492
Dec 07, 2021$0.0000013$0.000001332$0.000001195$0.000001254$39,382,429$693,805,973
Dec 06, 2021$0.000001123$0.000001309$0.0000009548$0.000001304$63,324,215$721,923,187
Dec 05, 2021$0.000001121$0.000001231$0.000001097$0.000001121$50,270,750$619,861,121
Dec 04, 2021$0.000001417$0.00000142$0.000001101$0.00000112$68,069,289$621,147,195
Dec 03, 2021$0.000001514$0.000001523$0.000001353$0.000001416$35,071,975$785,192,046
Dec 02, 2021$0.000001541$0.000001597$0.000001489$0.000001513$28,952,930$839,158,567
Dec 01, 2021$0.000001641$0.000001705$0.000001531$0.000001541$32,290,082$854,944,819
Nov 30, 2021$0.000001561$0.000001726$0.000001516$0.00000164$65,635,428$910,587,552
Nov 29, 2021$0.000001361$0.000001598$0.000001344$0.000001565$45,435,177$868,272,118
Nov 28, 2021$0.00000135$0.000001362$0.000001237$0.000001362$29,664,451$757,001,102
Nov 27, 2021$0.000001269$0.000001357$0.000001266$0.00000135$34,828,047$750,347,932
Nov 26, 2021$0.000001471$0.000001493$0.000001206$0.00000127$56,247,427$705,912,576
Nov 25, 2021$0.000001333$0.000001531$0.000001306$0.000001339$86,434,355$744,131,084
Nov 24, 2021$0.00000156$0.000001599$0.000001269$0.000001506$46,420,352$837,193,032
Nov 23, 2021$0.000001532$0.000001613$0.00000147$0.00000156$48,528,357$867,031,084
Nov 22, 2021$0.000001637$0.000001649$0.000001528$0.000001532$36,751,044$851,504,434
Nov 21, 2021$0.000001723$0.000001723$0.000001637$0.000001638$34,497,565$910,452,474
Nov 20, 2021$0.000001709$0.000001742$0.000001617$0.000001724$41,419,112$958,080,189

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